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Investors Push

About Investors Push

Investors Push was founded by Mr. Ty Young who has been in the financial services industry for about 17 years and still continues to learn and grow in his field.  After purchasing his first house, Ty was inspired to study more about finance.

In 2004, he was engaged as a Mortgage Loan Officer by MD Lending, a brokerage firm.  He fell in love with the process and desired to expand his knowledge to facilitate more individuals in achieving their financial objectives. 

Ty has also contracted with FedEx and other companies of a similar nature to assist with the deployment of their software and server administration.


When Ty realized that startups and small businesses needed funding to continue moving forward with their business goals because of the financial situation after Covid, he realized that he had the connections, experience, and good reputation for providing outstanding service. That's how Investors Push came into existence.

Investors Push - What we do

What We Do and Who We Service?

Investors Push supports businesses in reaching their objectives and achieving their goals.

In addition, Investors Push makes it simple and risk-free for individuals to invest in their business by giving them the capital needed to launch a new business or grow an existing one.

Investors Push intends to reach startups, small enterprises, larger businesses, and the self-employed (e.g., real estate agents, insurance agents) who have a fantastic business idea or want to expand their business.

Our Mission

The mission of Investors Push is to improve the quality of life of company owners' by providing them with the financial support they need to discover their business ideas and dreams.

By giving a insignificant amount to a business and seeing them develop, we can accomplish our goal of creating employment and opportunities in our community.

Investors Push - Mission
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